Terms & Conditions

Default billing: All members are required to keep an active credit/debit card on file to be used for membership payments, retail purchases or any other purchase within the gym.

Refunds: Payments will not be refunded if already processed. Memberships are non- transferrable.

Automatic renewal: Once your membership term has expired, you will be automatically renewed under the initial terms of your membership for a consecutive term until membership cancellation is requested.

Membership holds:

– Pay as you go (PAYG) memberships are allowed unlimited holds greater than 2 weeks and a defined end date no greater than six months.

– Six month contract memberships are allowed one hold of between 2-4 weeks for the contract term.

– Twelve month contract memberships are allowed up to two holds of between 2-4 weeks for the contract term.

To request a hold, submit our online membership hold form with at least 7 days’ notice so we can take care of the admin side. When a hold request is approved, the member will not be charged during the hold period, and their contract term will extend by the hold term.

Notice for cancellation: All membership cancellations require 7 days’ notice and must be submitted via our the online Membership Cancellation Form. NB: Once a membership has been cancelled, any new memberships will be subject to price changes in accordance with the current membership rates.

Cancellation fees: Contract memberships are heavily discounted to reward our most committed members. Cancellation fees are only applicable when the agreed term of a contract membership has not been fulfilled. Cancellation fee for 6-month contract: $200. Cancellation fee for 12-month contract: $350. This fee is payable within 7 days of the cancellation confirmation. If you are uncertain of your future plans, we suggest you opt for the PAYG membership. No cancellation fees are applicable for our standard PAYG membership as long as a 7 days’ notice is submitted via our online membership cancellation form.

Payment issues: If your scheduled payment fails, EziDebit charges a $9.90 fee for every failed transaction. Unfortunately this is not something we can control, so we encourage you to please schedule your payments for a date where you expect to have funds in the account and speak with your bank or credit card company to amend any issues. Failed payments will be re-processed the following day. More than two failed payments will result in suspension of membership.

The onus is on the member to ensure they have accurate debit information on file, as well as an email address to receive communications from Wodify, EziDebit and CrossFit Torian related to their account.