Meet the Members – Joe & Sam Appleton

This month on ‘Meet the Members’ we’ve got Joe and Sam Appleton! Joe has been doing CrossFit for almost two years, and brother Sam joined in the last few months. Together, they’ve been training the house down. Of particular appeal… Read more »

Anzac Community Event

Thank you to all those who assisted with the Anzac community event! It was a memorable and emotional day, where past and present service people and their families shared a little bit about their journey and what the day means… Read more »

Meet the Members – Belle & Wayne Fahy

This month in ‘Meet the Members’ we’ve got Spirit of Torian recipients, Belle and Wayne Fahy! In 2011, the happy couple started CrossFit for the first time at Mike’s first box, CrossFit Lift at Albion. They had witnessed a CrossFit… Read more »

Meet the Members – Ben Bradley

Our member spotlight this month is Ben Bradley! Outside of the gym, Ben runs his own human resources consulting business. But before the work day starts, you can find him at Torian sweating up a storm with the 5am and… Read more »

5 Steps to the Year of Your Dreams

Welcome to 2016! The New Year is the most common time for people to reflect on the year that was, and look at what changes they can make to become “their best self” in the next 12 months. The problem… Read more »