CrossFit Torian Performance Team


The Torian Performance Team has been created for those athletes serious about testing the boundaries of their physical and mental capacity, and competing in the sport of CrossFit. The TPT coaching team consists of experts in their respective fields who are passionate about sharing their expertise to develop the next generation of elite CrossFit athletes.


Each TPT athlete receives:

• Access to the Brisbane Barbell Club as a dedicated weightlifting space
• Personalised weightlifting programs from Damon Kelly, updated at no charge while a member of the TPT
• Advanced competition programming emailed directly to each athlete that goes into comprehensive detail on weightlifting, skill work, metabolic conditioning and midline/core work. See below for example.


The TPT is coached by:

• Mike Towner: The Director of Coaching at CrossFit Torian
• Damon Kelly: The most accomplished Australian weightlifter of the last 30 years, representing Australia at the Olympic Games twice and winning gold at the Commonwealth Games
• Kirsty Garland: The Co-founder of Gymnastics Method and Olympic Games gymnastics representative.

These coaches frequently collaborate to ensure TPT athletes receive an entirely unique training program to excel in the disciplines of Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics and metabolic conditioning.

Performance Standards

Prospective members of the TPT must meet at least 90% of the following standards.

OH Squat = BW
Squat = 1.5 X BW
Deadlift = 2 X BW
Snatch = 0.75 X BW
Clean & Jerk = 1.25 X BW

Strict Pull-up = 15/10
Strict HSPU = 10/5
Strict Ring Dip = 10/5
Muscle up = 5/3

Helen = 10:00
Fran = 5:00
Grace = 2:00
2K Row = 7:30/9:00
400m Run = 1:15

Mid body:
Dish Hold = 90 sec.
L-Sit = 45 sec.
GHD Prone Hold = 90 sec.


Athletes must demonstrate that they are “coachable”. They must place the highest value on achieving technical proficiency in all movements and understand that this is the key to success in our sport. They must buy into the culture of our program and understand that the “Torian Performance Team” is exactly that… a team. We celebrate the achievements and victories of our fellow team members as we do our own. The energy, commitment and camaraderie of this team is unrivalled.

If you’re interested in joining the performance team, email us at

Example of the performance teams weekly programming

CrossFit Torian Brisbane - Performance Programming Torian_Perform