CrossFit Torian Brisbane: Experience the Torian Standard

Get in touch to find out more about FastFit/Conditioning, CrossFit and/or Weightlifting in Brisbane!

If you’re visiting Brisbane and have experience in CrossFit (for CrossFit Torian drop-ins) or weightlifting (for Brisbane Barbell Club drop-ins) you’re welcome to schedule any session on our timetable, which can easily be done via our online booking system.

Each week we help many beginners develop their confidence and skill in the foundational movements, and would love to help you with your health and fitness goals too! For those who are interested in trying CrossFit or weightlifting for the first time, please email us (or submit the below contact request) and we will get in touch to schedule you a session asap.

40 Mayne Rd, Bowen Hills QLD 4006

Please note, we are located on a large block along with several other businesses. We strongly recommend viewing the full travel and parking directions prior to your first attendance, as well as arriving a little earlier than usual, to avoid any issues. We look forward to meeting you!