Are there any hidden fees? What if I need to cancel my membership?

Unlike your average gym, Torian and/or the Brisbane Barbell Club will never charge joining fees, hidden fees, break fees or lengthy contracts. If for whatever reason you wish to leave our community, just let us know.

You can cancel your membership by sending an email to Just make sure to give at least 14 days notice so we can take care of the admin side. Once a debit has been processed, it cannot be refunded, so if you wish you to cancel your membership please make sure to provide 7 days notice before your next debit will occur.

The following information has been provided by EziDebit who we use to process our membership payments and streamline everything with Wodify so we can ensure all our members are active within the community and able to keep track of their own performance. While this only relates to small sums, we feel it is important to have complete transparency with our members:

  • Bank account transactions are charged at $1.10 and Visa/Mastercard transactions are 2.2% (min. $1.10) and Amex/Diners is 4.4% (min. $1.10). Thus, any credit card fee is determined by the total amount we are debiting.
  • The cost only changes depending on the card type (i.e. debit card or credit card), not on the bank you are with.
  • EziDebit charges a $2.20 one-off admin fee for each new member.
  • EziDebit fees are charged per transaction, rather than, say, over a time period. As a result, paying per month will be slightly cheaper with a debit card, although the difference with credit cards is negligible because they’re done on the percentage basis mentioned above.
  • If your scheduled payment fails, EziDebit charges a $9.90 for every failed transaction. Unfortunately this is not something we can control, so we encourage you to please schedule your payments for a date where you expect to have funds in the account.

If you have any questions or changes to your current billing preferences, please let us know.