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Established 2016 as a specialised physiotherapy service for CrossFit and Gym attending athletes.

And now offering both Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology services to everyone, from the  non-athlete through to the most serious competitor.

We’re experienced and able to manage:
Musculoskeletal injuries;
Pre/post-op orthopaedic surgery;
Postural problems;
Workcover claims;
Motor vehicle accident claims;
Department of veteran affairs (DVA); and
Personal training.

Our staff are dedicated to finding you a permanent solution, so you can maintain a fit, healthy body.


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Adam Walker (Physiotherapist)

Adam has a wealth of professional experience, working for over 15 years in sports focused private practice in Brisbane.  He has developed a very sound approach to managing and rehabilitating gym and CrossFit related injuries.

His professional experience is complimented by his own high level sporting background, and has developed a specialist interest in managing CrossFit athletes with more than 4 years as a member of CrossFit Rocks.

CrossFit Torian has provided Aspire Physiotherapy with a fresh approach to patient management, opening their doors to allow our physiotherapist full use of the gym floor during appointments – creating a very unique rehab environment.

At Aspire Physiotherapy you’ll receive a comprehensive assessment, accurate diagnosis, hands-on treatment and a plan to overcome your immediate injury, getting you back to training and what you enjoy doing in no time.


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Brent Paxton (Exercise Physiologist)

Brent has developed a broad range of knowledge over his 7 years of Coaching Crossfit, Personal Training and more recently into the clinical side of treatment. Brent has a practical approach to identifying and correcting biomechanical issues as well as establishing collaborative rehabilitation plans to manage and return to function.

Through his experience working with people of all ages and all levels of conditioning from world class athletes to mothers returning to training to older patients wanting to maintain independence, Brent has had a wealth of experience utilising exercise as treatment for injuries as well as chronic conditions.

As part of working with the team at Aspire, Exercise Physiology can complement the hands on treatment you receive from your physiotherapist, or be a stand-alone mode of treatment. Through a greater understanding of your injuries we are able to progress you through appropriate methods to ensure best outcomes are met, with less risk of recurrence of injuries allowing you to perform what you need to for as long as wish to.



No matter what your age, athletic ability or sporting pursuits, at Aspire Physiotherapy you’ll find experienced staff looking to use an exercise based approach in your management to recovery and better health.



Located at CrossFit Torian: 40 Mayne Road, Bowen Hills 4006.