CrossFit Torian and the Brisbane Barbell Club

Welcome to CrossFit Torian and the Brisbane Barbell Club!

A truly world-class training and coaching facility includes the following:

CrossFit Torian Brisbane

At CrossFit Torian and the Brisbane Barbell Club, our promise is to deliver that to you – every single day.

Centrally located, just 2km from the Brisbane CBD, members also enjoy 1,400+ square metres of workout space surrounded by 8-metre high custom-painted motivational walls, so you’ll have no problem giving 100% effort every time you walk through the doors.

CrossFit Torian - Again Faster Academy - Brisbane, QLD

The following programs are available to members:


There’s a reason CrossFit is the fastest growing fitness program on the planet! Designed for people of all ages and skill levels, a typical CrossFit workout combines elements of weightlifting, gymnastics and fast-paced cardio to help you become leaner, stronger, faster, fitter, healthier and more confident. Rather than working muscles in isolation, CrossFit involves the entire body, ensuring much faster results than traditional programs. And the best part is you’ll love doing it, regardless of your previous athletic history! Due to the quality of its comprehensive offering, CrossFit Torian has quickly established itself as a premier provider of CrossFit not just in Brisbane, but throughout the world.

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Proudly led by Damon Kelly, Australia’s most successful weightlifter of the last 30 years, the Brisbane Barbell Club provides members with personalised weightlifting programs that are updated as needed at no charge while they’re a member. This focus on constant improvement at the individual level is complemented by 10 custom-made weightlifting platforms and the finest equipment from our partners at Again Faster.

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Torian’s twist on high-intensity interval training uses light weights at high volumes in conjunction with cardio components like running, rowing and the stationary bike. No barbells, just a fast-paced 45 minute workout that’s challenging and fun, and designed to burn fat and tone up!

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Safety and quality of movement are of critical importance to us. As a result, we introduced TechniqueWOD, a specialty session that focuses on a singular element/movement (e.g. skipping, overhead squats or muscle ups) to ensure our members possess the necessary confidence and ability to perform them correctly when they return to group or individual sessions.


We’re passionate about building a community of motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated people who want to make real, positive and sustainable change in their lives. If you’re in Brisbane and are ready to take your health to the next level, get in touch and experience the Torian standard.