Torian 8 Week Challenge



Introducing the 8-Week Transformation Challenge! 

Commit to making 2017 your best year yet. Our 8-week Transformation Challenge is for people of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels. Increase energy levels, shed unwanted body fat and take on the year as a healthier, stronger and fitter you!

To participate in the Torian 8-Week Transformation Challenge for guaranteed results, simply email us by Tuesday, 24 January to reserve your spot.


What’s included

•  2x full body DEXA scans by Physique Science to benchmark your progress and give you the most accurate possible measure of your result
•  8-week fitness program mentored by exercise physiologist and sports physician Brent Paxton
•  8-week nutrition and meal plan mentored by nutritionist Alexandra Lindeberg
•  Online Q&A support (both fitness and nutrition) via dedicated Facebook group
•  2x dedicated transformation sessions per week with Brent  (1x morning, 1x evening)
•  Unlimited access to 50+ group fitness sessions each week for maximum results
•  Optional weekly weigh-ins
•  Guaranteed results!




Date: Saturday, 28 January @ 9:30am

Where: CrossFit Torian, 98 Montpelier Rd, Bowen Hills QLD 4006


•  Meet with our expert coaches and mentors who’ll guide you through your 8-week challenge
•  Go through the foundational movements that will be used during the fitness classes
•  Step-by-step guide to your nutrition plan
•  Plenty of opportunities to ask as many questions as you like!


Initial assessment 

Your personal coach will benchmark your fitness by recording your bodyweight and snapping a quick photo before our challenge gets underway. Don’t be alarmed! You can only manage what you can measure, and we want to encourage you along the journey with tangible proof of your progress. You will also receive a before and after DEXA scan by Physique Science, the most accurate and modern body composition assessment available.





Meet with your personal transformation coach up to 2x per week for a dedicated fitness session, to chat about your progress, and to ask any questions you like. Can’t attend those sessions? No worries! All 8-Week Transformation Challenge participants will receive unlimited access to 50+ CrossFit and FastFit sessions each week for maximum results (view schedule). While we can’t do all the work for you, we want to give you as much support as possible to making real, positive and sustainable change in your life.

Your coaches will be speaking with you at the start of every session to brief you on the workout, ascertain your comfort level, and help challenge you while keeping you safe.





All participants will be invited to join our private Facebook support group, where we’ll share helpful tips and give you unlimited opportunity around the clock, 24-7, to ask any questions you may have throughout the eight weeks.



On completion of your eight week transformation you’ll meet with your coach to jump on the scales and take your post challenge photos to celebrate the healthier, fitter and more confident you!




(Payable via a $110 deposit and $55/week for the program duration.)



To participate in the Torian 8-Week Transformation Challenge for guaranteed results, simply email us by Tuesday, 24 January to reserve your spot.

Spaces are strictly limited. Register early to avoid disappointment.