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This month on ‘Meet the Members’ we’ve got quiet achiever Debbie Schedue! Deb first discovered CrossFit four years ago and has been hooked ever since. After dragging her two daughters Grace and Eve along, the excitement eventually rubbed off. Grace and Eve are now proud and passionate CrossFit advocates, now dragging mum along whenever she doesn’t feel like it! We love having all three of them as part of the wonderful Torian community, with their happy faces leading by example day in day out.


When asked about their goals, Deb said, “Grace has developed a real passion for the sport and will soon be out-lifting me, if she isn’t already! Her goal is the CrossFit Games in 2020, when she’s 14. Eve and my goal is to try and be a little better than we were yesterday.”

It’s been an exciting journey for the family as they excitedly work on their health and fitness goals together. Deb cites the overall well-being aspect as something she loves. “This sport has a unique and special quality unlike many other sports, in that it takes a holistic approach to health and mindset. It brings together a community of like-minded people who are supportive and encouraging, and find joy in other people’s achievements as well as their own,” Deb believes.

CrossFit WOD - Mon, 27 Nov 2017

But it’s also the joy Deb gets from watching her daughters grow up healthy, strong and positive women. “CrossFit reinforces important values, such as persistence, determination, integrity, humour and self-respect that are applicable to all aspects of life,” Deb feels.

“The Torian community is amazing, it provides a safe and secure environment for growth. Whether they know it or not, the members are positive and inspirational role models for my daughters every day. The Torian community is a family. We look forward to training every day because we know we will leave laughing and happy. We love the place.”

Thanks Deb for sharing your amazing story with the community!

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