Brisbane Barbell Club – December Update

QWA League Grand Finals

We recently hosted the 2017 Uesaka League Grand Final and the Masters League Grand Final. It was an exciting weekend of competition, with plenty of highlights.

Thank you to the QWA for their ongoing support, as well as to all the volunteers and sponsors (including RXD Unbroken) who gave up their time to ensure everything went smoothly.


Some highlights from our BC lifters:
•    Tara Noonan won the Masters Women Division
•    Jacinta Carroll hit a 100kg clean & jerk, securing a third place nationwide ranking in her weight class

Check out all the incredible photos from Weightlifting Collective.


Brisbane Barbell Club Championships

Entries have been finalized for the Brisbane Barbell Open Club Competition, to be held on Saturday, 9 December. This will be our last club comp for the year, open to all QWA members, and we’re excited for a big day. Please come along and support the athletes and of course we’re always grateful for any volunteer assistance people can provide.

Our barbell club championships will be fully sanctioned by the QWA and are a great opportunity for both experienced and new lifters to come together and celebrate what was a huge year in weightlifting.

When: Saturday, 9 December
Time: 11am

For further information, just speak with myself, Tara, Mike or Royce.

Later in the day, come along and celebrate with the rest of the community at the Christmas party!

BBC Facebook group

For those who have not joined, there’s a BBC FB group to share banter, training tips and social events. Join the group by clicking here.


If anyone has any questions about their program, starting a new program, upcoming competitions, missing training, etc please let me know. Contact me via Facebook, email or grab me at the gym. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Upcoming events

•  9 Dec: Brisbane Barbell Open Club Competition – Brisbane Barbell Club

View the full QWA calendar.

Want to join the Brisbane Barbell Club? Just email us for more info.

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