Meet the Members – Trish Dunne

This month on ‘Meet the Members’ we’ve got Trish Dunne! Trish had previously attended commercial gyms but disliked the isolation, lack of structure, and never felt excited to go along. She has also been an avid walker, often embarking on one and two-hour treks, but still longed for more. After watching her son Royce compete at the Schwartz Challenge in Melbourne, Trish noticed how strong, fit and healthy everyone looked. In December 2014, despite feeling a little intimidated at first, she tried her first CrossFit class and has never looked back!

“I love everything about CrossFit, and am so honoured to be a part of the Torian community.”

Approaching her three-year Torian anniversary, Trish cites the unique community as what she enjoys the most. “I love the people at Torian,” Trish comments. “They are the best collection of souls I have had the pleasure to meet. I have made friends here that will last a lifetime.” Aside from the community, she also loves the coaches who spend their time helping members achieve their health and fitness goals, giving them confidence in all parts of their lives: “Our coaches are without doubt the best, brightest, funniest, and most supportive people around.”

Trish battled body issues for much of her adult life, and once weighed 30 kilograms more than she does now. She has also had some challenging times in both her work (as a senior manager of an operating theatre) and personal life. Through CrossFit, she has completely transformed her circumstances.

“Aside from giving me a physical appearance I love and am proud of, CrossFit has given me an equivalent mental boost too,” Trish feels. “That sense of achievement when you get a PB, when you get through a workout you didn’t think you could manage, when you cheer someone else on to a personal win—they’re moments money can’t buy. I would have struggled so much more without the Torian community to help me through.”

For the next 12 months, Trish wants an extra 10 kilograms on the bar so she can achieve a 2x bodyweight deadlift, and to consistently make the nine-foot target on wallballs. She also wants to continue improving on rope climbs and try her first handstand push up. Given her incredible progress in the last three years, we know the next 12 months will be full of accomplishment.

Thanks Trish for sharing your amazing story with the community!