Unite to Save Lives

Save 3 lives in 1 hour – no sweat, tears or burpees required!

We’re supporting the Australian Red Cross Blood Services’ by asking you to get your blood really pumping! One in three people will need a blood donation during their lives, but it might surprise you to know that only one in thirty people donate.

And with 25,000 donations needed every single week, recipients needs heroes like you to live.


Donating blood is a donation more powerful than money and it only takes an hour of your time. Brisbane Donor Centre offers 4 hours free parking in Queens Plaza Carpark on Edward Street to all donors. After your donation, refreshments are on the Blood Service. If you’re wondering when you will next be able to workout again post donation, you will only have to wait a day!

To book an appointment, call 13 14 95 or click here. If you’d like to come in as a group and score some freebies, have a chat to the coaches or Bea Connelley.

Every donation saves three lives! That’s a worthwhile hour.