Meet the Members – Joe & Sam Appleton

This month on ‘Meet the Members’ we’ve got Joe and Sam Appleton! Joe has been doing CrossFit for almost two years, and brother Sam joined in the last few months. Together, they’ve been training the house down. Of particular appeal is how CrossFit throws out new challenges on a daily basis. “Nothing else I do in my day challenges me like that and demands an answer in 12-25 minutes,” Joe said. “It’s a very rewarding habit!”

Sam had heard about the Torian community, but it was only when he experienced it firsthand that it all made sense. “It’s not until you start turning up every day and working along with the other members that you really appreciate how beneficial that shared sense of accomplishment and camaraderie is,” Sam believes. “The coaches are quick to identify what you’re capable of and they make sure you’re challenging yourself. It’s an excellent way to start your day.”

With their regular attendance, mainly in the morning classes, Joe and Sam have both got their eyes set on continual improvement for the future. Joe would like to add butterfly pull-ups to his repertoire, and complete the majority of workouts RXD. Inside the gym, Sam is aiming for a bodyweight clean and jerk by year’s end, and wants to be in tip-top shape for an eight-week trek across France and Spain—the Camino de Santiago—next year with his father and sister.

“I never used to think I was the kind of person who could stay motivated to train and make my fitness and wellbeing a real ongoing lifelong priority,” Joe says of his fitness journey. “But CrossFit Torian has helped me build a daily exercise habit that is now just part of who I am, something I’ll keep for a lifetime. For that, I am incredibly grateful.”


Outside of the gym, they both work for Zone Fresh Gourmet Markets in Windsor (just a five-minute drive away), a gourmet mini-supermarket with a focus on fresh quality local products including a full butchery, deli, fruit and veg, florist and specialty groceries. Joe works in marketing, and Sam is a butcher and, rumor has it, purveyor of the finest ‘chicken, cheese and chive sausages’ this side of the Mississippi! Later this year, they’ll undergo a major refurb to add a café, European wine bar, gelato and juice bar among other things. Make sure to drop by (or give them a “like” on Facebook), say hi to the boys, and try the amazing food they have on offer.

Thanks Joe and Sam for sharing your story with the community!

CrossFit Torian in Brisbane