CrossFit WOD – Thu, 15 Jun 2017

“Fear is more crippling than the actual consequences.”
– Vince Vaughn


CrossFit WOD


In 6 minutes, progress as far as possible:
500m Row
50 Double unders
5 Power cleans 70/45kg
5 Rope climbs 15ft^
5 Push jerks 70/45kg

Perform 3 rounds, resting 3 minutes between rounds.

Score equals total reps across all 3 rounds.

^Safety Tips: Beware and avoid rope burn! People often wear long pants, long socks or some type of shin protection to avoid skin abrasion. Also, stay in your comfort zone. Do not go higher than you feel comfortable. When you lower yourself down, move hand over hand, do not slide down.


Reminders from CrossFit Torian & the Brisbane Barbell Club:

• Remember: All CrossFit workouts are scaled (e.g. reps, movement, weight, time) to the individual athlete, taking into consideration their fitness level, experience & injury history, to ensure: a) you remain safe throughout the workout, b) there is a strong focus on quality of movement, and c) you are engaged in movements that, while challenging, are reflective of your skill levels. Your coaches will speak with you during the session to make sure you’ve scaled appropriately & are comfortable with the movements.

Above all else, listen to your body. Taking a rest day when you’re feeling too tired or sore can be the best thing for your long term success.

• Tonight’s TechWOD at 6pm has been cancelled because Coach Mike is unwell. It will resume next week. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Next week (22 June): Snatch (1 of 2)
Session after (29 June): Snatch (2 of 2)
Session after that (6 July): Rope climbs

FastFit WOD


5 rounds for max reps:
Run 300m (90 sec)
DB Push press 15/10kg (30 sec)
Rest (30 sec)
Jumping alternating lunge (30 sec)
Rest (30 sec)
Toes to bar (30 sec)

Rest 1 minute between rounds.

150 in the bank! ?? @chevysukkar #torian

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